Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Finally a break! and New Life's New CD

we are finally healthy and boy am I happy about that. I went back and read my last entry and thought, "sheesh, that wasn't the half of it". Since my last post, Josh and Tyler got the flu and then I put my back out and was flat on it for 6 days. It took 2 full weeks to feel "normal". I as so grateful for my friend Mary who is a message therapist and my friend Russ who is a chiropractor. They had me back sooner than I would have without them. I was off the pain meds in a couple of days and boy am I happy about that.

Well last friday night we recorded (at New Life) the new CD called "Counting on God". We recorded it live and videoed it as well. Many of you might know about New Life's last recording called "My Savior Lives". I loved it. This one really tells of how God has gotten us as a church through the worst season of our lives. How He was faithful through the Ted scandal and through the shooting. The cd/dvd will be available sometime in Sept and I can't wait. These next few weeks are dedicated to going to a studio and getting the looping tracks done. You can't really hear the choir live so we go in and lay those tracks down after to blend it all together.
it is an honor to be a part of something that (hopefully) will have an impact on the body of Christ. We want to show the world that even though you go through hard things, God is ALWAYS by your side. ALWAYS. He is after all, as the song says, the UNFAILING GOD.