Thursday, November 7, 2013

People can get the wrong idea.....

If you read my last post about messy church and can't find it, it's because I took it down.  A friend of mine read it and thought I was talking about the church I worked at for years.  I don't want anyone else to think that.  So just in case you read it, I was not speaking of any particular church, but the "church" in general.  If you are looking for a blog that posts about hurts, offenses, and overall dissatisfaction with the churches I am associate with, you are reading the wrong blog.  The thoughts I'm writing about are about todays Christian culture, and the church at large.  NOT any 1 particular church.  And not all the blogs will be about church.  It will be about whatever thought pops into my brain.   Including, but not limited to politics, laundry, raising boys, being a wife, parking lots that make me crazy, friendship, funny street signs, hair and makeup, The Thorn, and all sorts of other ideas...Yay for you. :)
Just making that clear.

Thursday, October 31, 2013

i just wonder....

I am a quiet driver.  I don't usually talk in the car.  I don't mean to be rude or anything, my mind just goes crazy and I end up in deep thought.  I think about all kinds of things, my kids, dreams, Jesus, grocery store needs, shoes, movies, God, politics, laundry....whatever and where ever my mind takes me.  It's relaxing and I love it.  Often I think, "I should blog about my thoughts, I have some really profound thoughts".  But then a sneaky negative one comes climbing in my mind... "does anyone care what I think?"  It's a good question, especially if I am wanting to write more but not one you should ask if you are looking for value in society.   It's bad if I am going to weigh my importance on how many people read this blog or share it.  They are my thoughts and should be valued by me no matter what.   I don't want to change how I feel about myself based solely on someone thinking I am pithy, or funny, or deep, or whatever.  Blogs are a great resource to get what is in your head and heart onto paper (or pages).  They are entertaining, informative, encouraging, and educational but I have heard of people who change, not in a maturing, I'm expanding my mind way, but in a "I am super important because I have random thoughts" or "I don't matter to the world because no one comments on my blog page" way.  It's too much.  I don't want to change to please readers.  So here I am, blogging my thoughts, knowing that probably 5-10 people will ever read them and probably will think I've lost my mind.  It's fine.  I like my thoughts.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

It's Decision Time!

Sooooo I have come to a decision....I love The Thorn and I want to serve the Lord through it for as long as I can.  It is an incredible ministry.  I also I have a family (husband and 3 boys) that I love and need to help support.  I have tried to raise support to allow Thorn's overhead to be as low as possible.  It has been a slow go and we are getting behind.  I recently admitted to the world that I love Mary Kay products and have been buying them for myself. I liked them so much I became a "Personal Use" Consultant.  This means as long as I order a minimum, I get the products at a discount.   I figured, that was all I was interested in.  I told myself "I don't have time to sell Mary Kay.  Just let me buy it and I'll be good".  1 problem.....People started asking me about my great awesome bag I am using......what makeup I use...and on and the point that I was selling it faster than I could buy it.  Then it hit me like a ton of bricks, MARY KAY SELLS ITSELF!   I can sell Mary Kay and use that as my income AND serve the Thorn without adding any financial burden to the ministry!
All I have to do is be myself, love people, and share how the product has COMPLETELY changed my skin for the better.  I had no idea my face could feel and look this great....and that's just the skin care line.  The makeup is awesome too and for the first time I don't cringe when i look in the mirror in the morning.
So that's it.  I am selling Mary Kay on the side so I can continue to serve the Thorn and it's ministry while helping women look and feel their very best.  I am super excited.  Just wanted to share it with you.
I would love to tell ya more about the Thorn and Mary Kay.  Feel free to contact me via email or have fun on my personal MaryKay website.

Blessings to you,


Saturday, June 1, 2013

I've really done it now….

So today is June 1st.  The start day of our new life, yeah I just said it, new life.  That's funny because yesterday was my last day on staff at New Life Church.  Not for any bad reasons…just that God said He wants me to do something else.  (You can read more about that in my last post).  The point is, today is the first day that I am officially on full-time support.  What does full-time support mean?  It means that I must raise all of my income….ask people like you to stand with me….to support me….as I spend my time working, lifting, helping, promoting, organizing, praying, believing, creating, more for The Thorn.  Until now, I haven't been able to really promote what I'm doing and what I need to make it happen.  So, here I am asking….if you have seen The Thorn and know it's impact in the Kingdom of God and believe in what we do, believe in me and my heart to tell the story of Jesus, will you come along side me and support me with a monthly gift?  You'll be surprised by what God can do.

Click HERE to partner with me  and don't forget to designate "Denise Rice" on the pull down menu.  :)

Blessings to you.

Monday, April 29, 2013


Many of you don't know me, but my name is Denise and live in Colorado Springs, Colorado and I am a Producer.  For the past 5 years I have been involved with a ministry called The Thorn.  It is a live stage production that shows the passion of Jesus through aerial arts, pyrotechnics, martial arts, dance, and many special effects.  Over 50,000 people come to see the Thorn each year.  Watch the video to hear more about who we are. 

It is an honor to be able to be a producer for this production. It is a fantastic ministry.  Until now it had been a Jan-April commitment.  We are a ministry and do not have the finances to keep our staff year around.  In the meantime, I have been on staff at New Life Church in the creative department.  New Life has been amazing allowing me to be a part of Thorn while working for them full time.  I am eternally grateful for their love and support.

Two weeks ago while sitting in service at New Life Church God began to speak to me about my future.  As I sat there overwhelmed by God's love and grace, I realized He was asking me to trust Him and leave my job at New Life.  It has been my community and security.  After arguing with God for longer than I should have, I told Him I would trust Him and obey.  Without knowing what the next step was, I found my boss and told him I was leaving my position at New Life. 

On Tuesday of that week while praying and seeking the Lord, He began to give me more insight as to one of the things he wanted me to do next.  He told me He wanted me to work on The Thorn year around and that He has plans for the ministry that couldn't be done during the normal 4 month season.  He said that I was to ask people to come along side me and partner with me to make this happen.  

What does that partnering look like?  First, prayer.  Praying for The Thorn, for our staff, performers, cast, the cities we are traveling to, those that will experience the performances, and for me.  Second, it means supporting me financially.  I will be raising support for my monthly expenses.  My family is unable to pay our bills on my husbands income alone.  We need you.  Would  you pray about how God wants to use you?  We need about $2500 a month.  That seems so overwhelming to me, until I break it down. It take only 25 people to give $100 a month, 50 people to give $50, or 100 people to give $25.  All funds are tax deductible and eternally beneficial.  :) Click HERE to support me. 

Don't have the resources for a monthly gift?  You can give annually, a 1 time gift, or anytime God puts it on your heart.  Everything is helpful and a blessing.  

What is the money going towards you ask?
1. We have 3 boys and 2 are in college starting in the fall.  Josh is at CSU Ft Collins and Tyler will be at Pikes Peak - $1800 a month.

2. With resigning at New Life, we are losing our benefits and that includes health insurance.  For our family of 5, health insurance, dental, vision, and fees - $700 a month.

Thank you for taking the time to read a bit of my story.  Would you like more updates?  Subscribe to this blog or to get more information on The Thorn, go to  You are also welcome to email me at

God Bless!

Click HERE Donate via Credit/Debit. Use the drop down under designation and click Denise Rice.  
Checks can be sent to:
Thorn Productions
attn: Denise Rice
635 Elkton Drive
Colorado Springs, CO 80907
Please write Denise Rice in the memo. 

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

It's time to start up again….

There are so many things to update on.  It's been a long time since I blogged…..about 3 years.  Most of you know what's been going on in my life, but for those who are knew…here is a quick snap shot.

March 2005 - moved to Colorado from California

October 2006 - Started Attending New Life Church

November 2006 - Our Pastor was involved in a scandal and was asked to step down as Senior Pastor at New Life

December 2006 - Performed in my first Wonderland show at New Life

December 2007 - Shooter came on campus and killed 2 girls

December 2007 - Wonderland cancelled 2nd weekend of shows

2008- New Life stops all productions for a year.  We begin the adoption process through the Colorado Foster Care System

September 2008 - John and Sarah Bolin ask me to help produce The Thorn at New Life.  

March 2009 - We stop the adoption process to focus on our kids

March 2011 - The Thorn begins to tour and I go on full-time staff at New Life Church

May 2011 - My Father passes away

March 2012 - The Thorn adds new cities

May 2012 - Josh Graduated from HS and Started Attending Colorado State University at Fort Collins

March 2013 - The Thorn creates 2 separate tours and the team splits in 2 for 3  weeks

April 2013 - Here a Word from The Lord about my future and I begin the process of raising support

May 2013 - Tyler Graduates HS

There is so much more…..but that gives an idea on the timeline.  Stay tuned for more information on what is happening with me, my family, and our future.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Adoption Update!

Sorry, it's been a while since the last update. In the last few weeks we have taken our CPR/first aid class, filled out a ton of paperwork, and have been to 2 out of 4 weeks of classes. We go every Monday night from 4:30 till 10:00. It's not the most riviting 51/2 hours of our week but a necessary step to move forward with the process. There are a few things we have learned this past 2 weeks.

1. when angry, the kids can decide to poop in front of your bedroom door just to make a point. What is that point you ask???? I have no idea, but it has something to do with trying to get you to reject them. They think you are going to anyway, so why not get it over with. so sad.

2. no matter how mean, abusive, neglectful, and lame their parents were, the kids still want to be with them and you can't bash them infront of the kids. You must be nice when it comes to their bio-parents. That will be hard one.

3. It may take years....YEARS before our kids can say or even come close to showing that they love us. Ugh...that's tough.

There are many times when I sit back and think "What are we doing?" "Why are we purposefully doing this to our family?" "I am SO NOT qualified to handle this". And then, I look at Mike and he says something like, "Are we or are we not called to this"? Yes, we are and God promises to walk us through this. I have to admit, I have had times where I just wanted to not do it and keep our relatively easy life.....then, God whispers to me, that he loves His children and wants them to know Him and for us to take care of them. I am honored He thinks we can do this....I am honored He wants to entrust more of His precious little ones to me. I don't feel like I am a good enough mother, thank you Jesus, I don't have to do it alone. I have my family and I have you Lord.

A friend of mine always says "If He takes you to it, He'll take you through it". That means more to me right now than ever before.


Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Our future with our fourth and maybe fifth child

This is one of those blogs that I am not even sure how or where to start. My hope is to use this blog to fill people in as to how our adoption process is going and what to pray about. The other use is to give our new child(ren) something read to see how long we wanted them and what the process is like. My prayer is that they see and feel how much we have prayed for them and loved them even before they came to be in our family. So with that said..........

We are adopting! It super exciting for us and this is not something we just decided to do one day. This has been a process for almost the entire 17 and half years we have been married. We have always had a heart for adoption and thought someday we would find a young girl who didn't want a baby and stop her from having the adoption. Then help her, and adopt the baby. Now years later and Drew is 10. I don't want to go back to those baby days. Up all night, diapers, formula, cribs, and all that that entails, is not for this almost 40 year old. (I applaud all those who are having children at older ages-it's amazing and I just don't want to do it again) ;-)

The story goes like this. In September (I think it was Septmeber) we were sitting in church and our pastor begins to talk about a "family meeting" we are having in a few weeks and that he wants to talk about something important. He then mentions the word "adoption". I out of nowhere burst out crying. It's not like I haven't heard the word in last 17 years. But today it was different. As I am crying I look over at Mike and expect the "you are outside your mind" look. That's the look I usually get when he knows I want something like an expensive outfit or a puppy. Admit it, you know that look. You have either seen it given, or maybe even given to someone. Back to the story. So I look over at Mike and the look I get from him is "Yes, I know". Now if God had not kept me in the chair, I think I would have fallen out in shock. That was the first "God-moment" that I knew we were on our way to this adventure.

The next week, Pastor Brady talks about the adoption initative New Life is partnering with Focus on the Family on. So we know we have to go the family meeting that Sunday night. Mike and I don't really talk about the possiblity as I don't want to bring it up and say it out loud yet. It just seems to special to talk about yet. We just decide we are going to the meeting. As we park our car in our very large parking lot we notice a twenty-something girl pull up next to us. It's Tiffany, a girl we have prayed for a couple of times after church. We say hi and start to walk with her asking why she would be at this meeting. She begins to tell us that she was adopted and is one of the representatives for the "Wait No More" event. We start crying as she tells us a bit of her story. This is another God moment. Of all the times to arrive and all the parking spots, we park next to her. All I can do is smile and cry. We still had not said out loud "we are doing this". That night God tells me to fast and pray about this and I agree to fast until the "Wait No More" event at the end of November. I did not fast food for those 90-100 days. I am not that Holy. I gave up something dear to me instead. I just want to be clear, so you don't get to intimidated by my

If I wrote down every time we ran into someone who was adopted, had adopted, or was involved with adoption, this would be the longest blog in history and you would stop reading it. Let's just say, God kept this thing in our mind and hearts every day. His fingerprints were everywhere and we began to believe this was really Him calling us to adopt.

What I haven't mentioned is that these are not young, healthy, emotionally stable kids. These are foster care kids. Their birth parents have either died, have given up their rights as parents, or worse, have behaved in such a way to have the state permanently revoke all rights. These are kids who have been through more pain (both emotionally and often times physically) than any human should have to go through in a lifetime. They often act out in ways to reject those around them in order to protect themselves from more rejection. You can imagine. Any we want to love them, share our world with them, and hopefully show them the way to Jesus'. Even as I sit here, I can't put into words how I feel about our future child(ren). I want them now. We even have a Christmas stocking hanging on the fireplace along with ours to remember to pray for them. For now (as we don't know the age or sex of our little one), we call him/her/them "Chris", "Pat", "Alex", "Jesse" as those could be either boy or girl. We got tired of referring to him/her/them as he/she/they.

Back to the story....So finally Nov. 22nd arrives and Mike and I head to adoption event. The first part was worship and guest speakers (Tiffany was one of them). For the entire 2 hours of the first session Mike and I cried like babies. The Lord was so all over us, we couldn't get a grip. it was like our hearts already belonged to our new child and we couldn't take Chris home. We didn't even have a picture of one we think we wanted. It was an amazing time for us to worship God and hear with the state and others had to say about the process. Earlier in the day, we had received a bag with a book to read, forms and such. The green form asked if you were interested in adopting from the foster care system, your info., if you wanted a boy or girl, age, etc. and if you had an agency you wanted to work with. Filling out that form was painful. We didn't want to eliminate anyone or anything. We wanted whatever God wanted for us. So I filled out the paperwork fast. I just put we wanted anyone over 5 and siblings were ok too. Then about the agency....we had no clue...we were going to have to trust God to tell us who to work with...and he on.

Once that form was filled out, I wanted it out of my hands and wanted to start the process...every second was a second I didn't have my child. That was the first small lesson of many, many, many other large ones in waiting I would have to learn. And still are.

So the first sesson is over and it's time to go talk to the agency. Mike stays in the hallway to finish up his Chick fil-A sandwhich and I walk in, too eager to eat. At this point I am overwhelmed with the amount of booths and people. "Where do I start?" My heart sinks as I have no idea what to do. I walk around for a few minutes blankly staring at something when a nice man asks, "Can I help you?" We start a nice conversation as he begins to explain the long list of "to do's" we need to complete as soon as possible. Mike walks in and joins me in the conversation. As they begin to talk, I see a friend there. This friend and I have crossed paths in a few different circles. I had forgotten where I had known him before until that moment and I needed to tell him. I leave Mike and the nice man talking, much to the displeasure of my husband. I say "I'll be right back, I just remembered where I know Jedd from." I walk over to Jedd and say, "Do you know where you know me from?" he says "Of course, from the movie". "Nope", I say from......... the long and the short is, we have crossed paths working with kids that are in the state system and we both forgot. The point is, he then tells me he adopted twins a few years ago and he used Maple Star adoption agency. The lady was standing right next to us and Jeff introduces us. She knows my aunt and we have mutual friends. God led me straight to who he wanted us to use for our adoption. It's crazy, all we have to do is follow His steps and He'll lead you where He wants. It really was incredible. We never even talked to another person in that room. We left knowing we had found the right agency and that we were doing this. are the answers to the most asked questions.

Are you getting a girl? We don't know. We are leaving that up to God

What age? Anyone over 5

How many? 1-3 We are not against siblings

How long will this take? Longer than I want, but could take as short as summer and long as 2 years. It just depends on how fast we get done the piles of paperwork and CPR classes and physicals, and immunizations for our dogs, and home visits, and training, and the list goes on....our prayer is by the start of school in the fall.

Where are you in the process? We are at our second round of paperwork (it's a ton of paperwork). We have CPR classes in Jan., 20 hours of training in Feb., and home studies in March. Not sure from then on. We'll keep posting.

How can I be praying? First, pray for "Chris". Pray that God is showing him/her/them even now how much they are loved and wanted. That He is softening their hearts and bonding us even now. That the social worker would hear God's voice and give us the kid(s) He wants us to have. Pray for the quickness of the paperwork. It is a daunting task. That we don't lose hope and that we stay strong through all of this. Pray for Josh, Tyler, and Drew. This radically affects them too. They want this too. They they would be the siblings God created them to be to "Chris". That they would hear His voice in all of this as well.

Well, that is it for now. I am tired and if you are still reading this, you are probably tired too. Not every blog will be this long, I just wanted to put down the details this first time. Thank you for your interest in our lives and what God is doing through us. May you be blessed.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

OK, so I have been a little busy....

I was talking to a friend the other day and she said "Hey, you need to update your blog!" I was shocked...I didn't think anyone ever even read it. I am kinda stoked that people read my thoughts. I started this because I wanted a place to vent my I will keep it up to keep people updated on our lives. if you are reading this....thank you.

So for the last few months I have running around like a crazy person. It would a really long post if I told you all that has like The Princess Brides says...Let me, not enough time...let me sum up.

Josh and Tyler were selected to be on the same 13-14 yr. olds Academy Little League All-Star team. This was very special to have brothers on the same team. It was their goal from the beginning of the season and one of the reasons Josh came back to Academy and left his competitive team. It was a very fun experience and the boys did well. Unfortunately it ended sooner than we had hoped when we were second in districts and did not move on to State. Oh well, were given cool stuff like new bags, hats, jackets, and fun items. The whole team was a blast and it will be a time they will never forget. As you can imagine, I was the co-team mom and that made me quite busy. I know I can say no and not sign up for all this, but being the slightly controlling type, I want it done right. So.....I volunteer for more than I should at times. shocker, I know. AT THE SAME TIME......

I was planning my grandpa's 90th birthday/family reunion at my house for 45 people!!! yes, that's right invitations, catering, shopping, cleaning, organizing, planning, and keeping track of it all during all-stars. It is a good thing I didn't have a job at the time as it took a ton of work. In the end, it was such a blast. I really enjoyed having all my cousins, aunts, uncles, my brother and his family, parents, etc. all here to celebrate my Grandpa. We went to the Flying W Ranch one night and had a blast. That is why I am in a cowboy hat in the picture above. If you live in the spings, you need to go there and experience the food, festivities, and fun.

Now that all the excitement is over, it is time to start thinking seriously about a job and the fall. I need a job. I know that sounds simple enough, but it's not. I have not had a real job in 14 years. It's kinda hard to convince people you are going to be a good employee when you have no proof. We'll see what God has up His sleeve on this one.

Well, that's the update for now...going to bed. I will work on keeping this updated more often. Feel free to leave comments (nice ones).

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Fire of God in Florida...and other thoughts

Wow...what do I say...I have been watching the Healing Revival in Lakeland Florida for the past days and am amazed. God is amazing....really. I am so hungry for this kind of presence. People are getting healed like crazy. I was watching a little girl who was deaf from birth get healed. She could hear for the first time...last night a little girl started screaming at the meeting because it was so loud...she had been 50% deaf since birth and it scared her it was so loud. She was so excited. Praise God. A girl blind in her eye could see. Over and over and over people are being healed, released from bondage, and set free. Jesus is doing a might work and I so wish I could be there but I am praying for this kind of anointing here in Colorado Springs. God can do this at New Life and that is what I am praying for. For the city of Colorado Springs to really meat Jesus like this would be so cool. I love my church and I would love to see more healings, more freedom, more of His presence. Come Jesus to Colorado Springs.

If you are reading this and are thinking...what the heck is she talking about???? well, go to and see what I am talking about. If you are suffering from any disease, pain, illness, brokeness, anything....pray now to be healed. You can be healed. Trust Jesus. He is doing a mighty thing right now...go to and watch the daily miracles. Thousands are being healed....yes that's right thousands!!!! You just have to believe.