Monday, January 28, 2008

Colds, colds, and more colds

ARHG......we can't get healthy! I got a nasty cold dec. 9th that lasted 3 weeks. Monday, Josh got super sick and is still trying to beat it. Well last night Drew started coughing and woke up feeling lousy so he stayed home. So, guess who is sick AGAIN? yep, that would be me. I can't believe it. It's a good thing I am starting on JuicePlus. I must really need the nutrients. I am really bummed to be feeling crappy again. I don't think Mike is thrilled either. Would you'd be? I get cranky when I am sick and want to stay in bed, NOT homeschool the boys. I think tonight will be a night of prayer for healing so we don't fulfill the old saying "when Mama's not happy, no one is happy". How are kids still in decent moods when they are sick? I have such a hard time. Drew is still in a good mood. He just wants to rest. I get cranky and don't want to talk to anyone. Who is the adult here? I guess not me. oh to bed to rest....pray for me and pray for those who have to live with me.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Is it EVER going to warm up????

it is freezing arounnd here. I think it has not gotten above 40 degrees in over a month at least. I have lived in Colorado Springs for 3 years now and I have lived through nasty blizzards. What has made it all fun, and good is that in between the snow and cold has been warmth. NOT THIS YEAR. It got cold and has stayed there. We even had our pipes freeze. Luckily we figured it out before a pipe burst. The snow has not even melted in over a month. strange. so much for global warming...sheesh...

I must say, though, it IS allowing for some awesome skiing. We are going every weekend and having a blast. The boys are really skiing well. They all go on blues now and it makes for a funner day for Mike and I for sure! Breckenridge seems to the mountain we like the best so far, but still have Keystone to check out. It has just been so windy and I heard Keytone is the one that has the most wind. I could have wrong info, but we are waiting for a less windy day.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

just some pics of Christmas and New Years

Drew opening a fun dart board

My new boots and Nala

This was us on our way to a 50's murder mystery party

our first day skiing at A-basin! was a blast!