Thursday, November 7, 2013

People can get the wrong idea.....

If you read my last post about messy church and can't find it, it's because I took it down.  A friend of mine read it and thought I was talking about the church I worked at for years.  I don't want anyone else to think that.  So just in case you read it, I was not speaking of any particular church, but the "church" in general.  If you are looking for a blog that posts about hurts, offenses, and overall dissatisfaction with the churches I am associate with, you are reading the wrong blog.  The thoughts I'm writing about are about todays Christian culture, and the church at large.  NOT any 1 particular church.  And not all the blogs will be about church.  It will be about whatever thought pops into my brain.   Including, but not limited to politics, laundry, raising boys, being a wife, parking lots that make me crazy, friendship, funny street signs, hair and makeup, The Thorn, and all sorts of other ideas...Yay for you. :)
Just making that clear.