Thursday, December 27, 2007

Merry Christmas!!!

ok so it's been a little while since my last post. After the shootings, I just took some time to enjoy life and not write. Since the last post, a few things have happened. First, the memorial service for the girls who were killed. It was a very nice service. the best friends of each girl spoke along with their father. That was amazing. He had such grace. I have been around parents who have lost their children and every time, God has given them a grace that is beyond words. I know God promises that, but when you see it in action, it brings it home. I think, I would be in a hump of tears and sorrow, but then when I see what these parents can do, I know my God would be by my side with a strength and peace that would get me through. It is nothing less than miraculous. I was honored to be a part of the choir that sang in the service. I was sick, but felt I needed to be there, to support, to worship, to morn with the family. I wouldn't have missed it for anything. It was a testimony to who God is, and who we are as a family in Christ.

Second, Christmas Eve.....what a blast. Mike, myself, and the boys all were in the service. I was in the choir and then joined them for the nativity scene. How much fun it was to be dressed up in shepherds clothes and walk out on stage together, worshiping our Lord.
After the two services we decided we wanted to eat and then go to the movies. We drove down towards the theatre looking for a place that was open. Each place was given a rating based on whether or not it was depressing to go there for Christmas Eve dinner. The winner??? Del Taco. We decided it was fun to eat there and NOT depressing. Through the drive-up window we went and took our bags into the theatre to see National Treasure 2 and eat Del Taco. It was really a fun night. With no family in town, we just spent it together the way we wanted. It will definately go down in the books as one of the best. (The movie is good too!)

Christmas Day was a fun day as well. The boys woke us up at 7:00am and we just opened our presents in our jammies. A couple of friends came over a little later and we just hung out playing games and eating. Tom and Joyce (Mike's parents) are here now. We just are playing games and going to the glad they are here.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

He killed himself

Like I said in my last blog....we don't know what happened. I was right. Ms. Assam did not kill Matthew Murry. He killed himself after he knew it was over. He decided death was better than facing up to his sin. How sad. We need to pray for his family. What grief they must be going through. I can only imagine their broken hearts so not only lose their son, but in such a horrific way. They have to live with why their son would murder like this. As a parent, I can only imagine their grief. God be with you Murry family.

People are strange

I made the mistake of reading some of the comments people have left on some web sties about the shooting. Most of the negative comments were about New Life having security guards and Pastor Brady have a body guard. I find this interesting. How is it that Christians are not supposed to be able to defend themselves? Why not? Just because we are Christians doesn't mean we let people murder us. Give me a break. We have had security officers in place for a number of years. we need it. There have been numerous threats on our pastors and to our body as a whole. Sunday proves why we need them. Without Jeanne Assam hundreds could have been killed. The killer did not come because we had officers, he came because he hated. We did not cause this by having officers, we were saved because we had officers. Anyone is the public eye is a target. Pastor Boyd (and pastor Ted before him) is a target because of his influence.

There has also been comments about killing and the ten commandments. Someone asked why she couldn't have just wounded him and not kill him. Well, first there is talk they he might have shot himself once he knew he was going down. She is not sure if she killed him with her shots. Do I need to remind you he had body armor on and a tactical helmet on? He was not going down easy. We were not there, we do not know what happened.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Matthew Murry 24

So now we know the name of the shooter...Matthew Murry-24. He had enough rounds to kill a ton of people. his plan we think was to set off smoke bombs at other entrances to get people to come down the hallway towards him. He had 1000 rounds. 2 handguns and a rifle. He really planned on killing a lot of people. We are so grateful to Jeanne Assam for her quick thinking and courage to take him down before more were killed. Be praying for her as she has to remember those moments. The church is pretty shot up and doors and such will have to be replaced.

The 2 killed were sisters

As I had heard, the 2 girls killed were sisters. 18 year old Stephanie Works was killed at the scene and her younger sister, 16 year old Rachel Works died last night shortly after 10:00pm. What a tragedy for the family. Their father was also shot but appears to be in fair condition. I have not heard anything about their mother and if she was around, is around, or what. Please be praying for that family.

We still haven't heard anything about Wonderland and if it will still happen. I think that decision will be made later this week. I have mixed feelings about it at this moment. I will wait to see what the staff decides.

I will update if I hear any more......

now 2 victims dead, 2 more still hospitalized

The information is still difficult to get, but it is now confirmed a second victim died shortly after 10:00pm last night. There is a rumor that the victims were sisters. I have heard a name of the 1st victim but want to wait to hear that confirmed from the police. There is a press conference this morning at 9:00 MST. I will update after that.

On a side note and a much happier note, I want to wish my niece Sydney a wonderful happy 15th birthday. i love you

Sunday, December 9, 2007

6:08pm shooter dead, 1 victim dead, 4 others wounded

This is beyond words....the shooter is dead. How do we rejoice in that death? I have such mixed feelings. I am glad he can't hurt anyone else, but now he suffers and suffers, and suffers. I know that the families of the wounded and dead will suffer and suffer too, but they know Jesus. Did the shooter? It's all so horrible. A friend of mine saw everything...the shooter, the victims, everything. He watched a friend get shot. pray for all those who have to live with the visions of what they saw today. Pray and pray hard. I myself am a bit nervous about getting back in stage for Wonderland. I know I will feel better soon, but still.

Thank you to everyone who has called and made sure we were ok. Your love and support means a lot to us.

I will update more when I get the info. but for now...shooter dead, 1 victim dead, and 4 other wounded. I pray the death toll doesn't go up.

update from New Life Worship 4:33pm

Dear NewLifeWorship Ministry,
As the events at the church continue to unfold and we all stand in prayer for those injured and involved in the shooting, we wanted to let you know that the Worship Ministry staff, their families, the Interns, and the New Life School of Worship Students have all been accounted for and are safe.

Thank you for your constant prayers and loving support.
Blessings to all of you and your families!

4:22 pm

Channel 5 just said one of the victims is in critical condition. Suddenly there is no news out there to find stuff out. People are just calling around to make sure they are ok. The rumor I heard which I did not post was not true and I am so glad I didn't post it. I want to make sure I am not spreading false rumors.

There is still conflicts as to where the shootings happened. All the news is still staying all shots were outside in the parking lot, although they are saying that is started indoors. He must have come inside and then went outside.

Fox is updating right now....They are saying it is over athough the lockdown is still in effect. Mainly the family members of the victims

3:40 pm update

Now all the churches are in lock down...

Also, they are not saying much so it hard to find out what is rumor and what is not.
They think the shooter had a bullet proof vest

Police were pursuing a second person and now are saying that there was only 1 shooter. They found explosives in a car and that the shooter had a hand gun and a rifle.

New LIfe Shooting Update

The reports are coming in.....still don't know who is alive and who is not. The news is saying it was only in the parking lot, but Kelly heard them in the it seems there is something else going on. I heard something, but I can't say yet. Only pray for those that were in the tent when the service let out....

This is just not happening

I am not sure what to say right now...There has been a shooting at New Life Church here in town. This is my church and I am desperately awaiting to hear what happened. We were there for the first service and had already left the building before the shooter got there. My good friend Kelly was there when it happened. She called me right after she ran out to the parking lot. She was in TAG chapel in the hallway between the Theatre and the main sanctuary. A group of people were waiting to talk to Pastor Jack Hayford after the service when shots rang out. She says she heard it in the Hallway by the Theatre. The news is reporting that the shootings were in the parking's all crazy. I have heard that the shooter is dead and that he is on the loose....there are also reports that there may be more than 1 shooter as there were shots heard just a while ago less than a mile away from church. Who knows...I will keep updating as soon as I know anything.