Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Fire Update

Now that the ash as settled, people are trying to put their lives back together. I am happy to report that only 1 of the houses I lived in was lost, but that does not dimish the tragedy of how many homes were lost. The local newspaper there has updated the list of homes destroyed or at least damaged. go to http://www.nctimes.com/fire2007/maps/homesmap.php and see for yourself. It is a LONG list. So sad. My Mom has been in real estate in Escondido for most of my life and now is in the postition to help those in need. Because of her contacts, she trying to help people who lost their homes find a place to rent until thier house can be rebuilt. It is a shift in her job responsiblities, but one worth the effort. If you know someone who has a home in the area that is vacant, and willing to rent it out, please post a comment and I will hook up all the right parties. Also, I am still collecting donations to help. Even if it pays one month of rent, it will help. every dime is valuable.

There is also a wonderful site that still gives updates on all the fires. It is where I got most of my information during the crisis. go to and-still-I-persist.com. It is awesome.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Donation Instructions

1. send a check to me. If you don't know my address, send me an email and I will email it to you.

2. email me the amount and I will send an invoice to you via paypal

3. go to www.paypal.com click the "send money" link at the top and follow the instructions. My email for that account is deniserice@msn.com.


My Mom is going to start making a list of those in need and what some of those needs are. You might be able to help by sending specific items to them.


North San Diego county is where I grew up. We moved there from Los Angeles when I was 3. I lived there (except when at college) until Mike and I got married. Esondido is my home town. I also lived and worked in Rancho Bernardo. The house I lived in in RB burned down. I have heard different reports about my other 2 houses. 1 of which my Dad built. It's horrible. I can't even begin to share all the stories. My mom lives there and the fire has been within a mile or so the entire time. My aunt, uncle, and cousins fled to her house only to be on watch in case they might have to leave there. They can't go outside as the air is unhealthy and eveything around them is burning. I was told that my high school has damage but was saved. I am so glad.

The point of telling you all of this, is that I want you to hear my heart and know that I want to do everything I can to help this area. When Katrina hit, I started a relief effort called Remember Mercy. God give it to me in a dream. I sold wrist bands inorder to raise money for the effort. This time I am not selling them. I am giving them away to anyone who makes a donation it this cause.

You can send a check to me by mail, email me an amount you want to donate and I'll send you a paypal invoice, or you can make a donation via the paypal site. Make all donations to Remember Mercy.

If you want the significance of the colors in the wristband, please email me and I will let you know. (it's a long story)

Monday, October 22, 2007


Budclicks invented the best iPod earbud accessory

just wanted to let you know that you need to go to www.budclicks.com and check out our earbud accessories. There is another company out there selling something similar, HOWEVER, they are not the same. Budclicks was the first company to come up with this concept. If you live in the Colorado Springs area, you can see, try, and purchase your own budclicks at Dustee's on Carefree Cirle, next to the movie theatre.


This is a great country...so diversified in it's culture and landscape. Take yesterday and today for example. Southern California is burning up ( I unfortunately know too many people affected by these fires) and Colorado has 6 inches of snow on the ground. strange. My aunt and uncle had to evacuate to my mother's house and I was driving in snow all day. My prayers are with everyone dealing with the fires. After living in that area for 35 years, I know how scary and dangerous it can be. (My mom thinks that my house I grew up in is gone-burned) so sad. This pic was taken this morning off my deck. What a contrast to the scene in CA.
This weekend was fun for me as Joanne and Devon came out to visit. We shopped, went to a spa, ate, and did fun girl things. One of the places we went was to Dustee's who is selling the budclicks. We had the opportunity to explain this cool item to customers and getting people more knowlegable about the product. Some people didn't realized they are for your iPod. That is the market.... iPod earbud accessories and earbud accessory. Once people get to know what they are, they sell like crazy. I saw some prototypes for some of the new line. SO COOL. I can't wait to get them in my hands to sell. I think Dustee's is going to be thrilled and sell them.
Anyway, had a great weekend (Other than the fact the Red Sox are coming to Colorado for the World Series..I can't stand them..) and I am so grateful for Joanne to coming out. You are awesome!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007


can I just say "what a trip" I don't think anyone can believe it. The Rockies? in the World Series? Crazy. But it's true and the entire state of Colorado is going nuts. Finally a team this state can be proud of. Oh yes, we love our Broncos, but the Rockies are kept quiet. "This is a football town" so people say. You wouldn't know it now. We are into the football season and what are people talking about? THE ROCKIES. I don't know how many records are being set here, but 21 wins out of the last 22 games? This is history in the making. Now I just need the Red Sox to lose and I'm good. "wait a minute" some of you are saying.."I thought you were a die hard Angels fan". I still am, but they lost so I have to cheer on the hometown team and hope for better results next year from my boys from OC. (Not LA mind you, the OC) call them what you will, but they are the ANAHEIM Angels. Last I checked Anaheim was in Orange County. Oh well, that's a different subject.

Monday, October 15, 2007

It's Monday morning and God is still GOOD!

My weekend was boring...I laid in bed all weekend because I was fighting the flu and had a migraine. It was a bummer. One of the only joys I had this weekend was the fact the Rockies won AGAIN and are 1 game away from going to the World Series. If my beloved Angels can't go, I would want the Rockies. It's amazing to live her and have this team doing so well. Everyone is talking about it non-stop. Having a winning team in your home town is really fun. You can't help but catch the fever. GO ROCKIES.....actually I can't believe I am saying that due to the fact I said I would NEVER cheer for a team that is purple. YUK. But oh well. I am cheering. All my friends at home would, are probably are, laughing at me in disbelief.

So today we woke up to SNOW on Pike's Peak. What a view. It is so beautiful, I can't describe. Our first snow up there. Now I just have to wait until we get our first snow here at our house. I'll put pics of the first snow when it happens.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Budclicks are taking off!!!

So today was the first trade show for budclicks....I was told it went great. People are buying them as fast as we can make them. So exciting. I got my sample packet today and am going to one of my favorite stores tomorrow to show the owner. We'll see. Isn't it amazing how some people are just sooo creative? I wish I could come up with these kinds of ideas. Would be a gazillionare by now!! Oh well, I'll just have to ride on the backs of my creative friends!

For the last 2 days I have had such a bad headache so pray for me! Mike has been out of town and the boys have had to fend for themselves as I have been in bed with ice packs on my head. what a drag. Some girls from church prayed for me last night and that took some of the edge off, but I still need more prayer.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Oct. 9th

I know I already posted today but I wanted to share about my friends' new company. It's called budclicks.com.....it's awesome. They are little fashion things for your ipod's ear buds. they are so fun. I am going to rep. for them here in Colorado. So excited. To see more info. go to www.budclicks.com and check them out.

Also, Tyler is now playing football again. He broke his finger in 2 places a while ago and was afraid he was out for the season, but he gets to play tomorrow in the last game. Go T!

First Time

Ok so this is my first blog. There has been so much we have been through in the last few years that I thought blogging might help me never forget what The Lord has brought us through. First, let me say that we are Mike, Denise, Josh, Tyler, and Drew and we live in Colorado Springs...now. We didn't always live here. We moved from beautiful Southern California in the spring of 05. We hadn't planned on ever moving out of state, but God has a funny way of reminding us that He is in charge and not us. The short story is that we felt God calling us, so we moved. the long story is just too long, but know that we saw God's hand in so many things, that is was undeniable we should go. So we went. Sold our house, closed our construcation company, left our family and church and left.
Over the next few blogs I will fill in some details, but I don't want this to be about the past. This is for our future. the future God has for us. We are not sure what that is yet, but we are confident it won't be boring....God is NEVER boring.