Tuesday, April 23, 2013

It's time to start up again….

There are so many things to update on.  It's been a long time since I blogged…..about 3 years.  Most of you know what's been going on in my life, but for those who are knew…here is a quick snap shot.

March 2005 - moved to Colorado from California

October 2006 - Started Attending New Life Church

November 2006 - Our Pastor was involved in a scandal and was asked to step down as Senior Pastor at New Life

December 2006 - Performed in my first Wonderland show at New Life

December 2007 - Shooter came on campus and killed 2 girls

December 2007 - Wonderland cancelled 2nd weekend of shows

2008- New Life stops all productions for a year.  We begin the adoption process through the Colorado Foster Care System

September 2008 - John and Sarah Bolin ask me to help produce The Thorn at New Life.  

March 2009 - We stop the adoption process to focus on our kids

March 2011 - The Thorn begins to tour and I go on full-time staff at New Life Church

May 2011 - My Father passes away

March 2012 - The Thorn adds new cities

May 2012 - Josh Graduated from HS and Started Attending Colorado State University at Fort Collins

March 2013 - The Thorn creates 2 separate tours and the team splits in 2 for 3  weeks

April 2013 - Here a Word from The Lord about my future and I begin the process of raising support

May 2013 - Tyler Graduates HS

There is so much more…..but that gives an idea on the timeline.  Stay tuned for more information on what is happening with me, my family, and our future.

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